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Weight and Stuff Report – 2 June 2012

Mutter, mutter, up again today.

Now we’re actually in to the long weekend, the weather has done the expected thing: it started off with light rain, and is carrying on overcast and a lot less warm than it’s been lately.

My first task for the day was to do some proper shopping, as what with being away last weekend, the freezer and cupboards were running low. A visit to Kingston Park sorted that out, and after putting all the shopping away, I took my recycling and rubbish out, and while I was in the back yard, removed most of the weeds that had been growing on my back steps. I think the rain has encouraged them to grow more than usual. I say “most”, because one of them seems to be a tree in training and I don’t have a handy chainsaw[1] or flamethrower[2] to deal with it properly…

Today’s picture is from last weekend’s visit to Porthcawl (note the sunshine, etc). Now this might just be a training exercise at the lifeboat station, but I can’t help thinking that the guy standing by the trailer is wondering where the bloody boat’s gone…

I'm sure I left it right here

I'm sure I left it right here


[1] Chorus of readers: Just as well!
[2] Chorus of readers: Even more just as well!