Weight and Stuff Report – 3 June 2012

No change today, which isn’t too bad, I suppose, all things considered, etc.

Having not got round to it yesterday, today’s main activity was getting the washing done, which is taking[1] longer than normal as I’ve got two weeks’ worth to get through. The fun bit[2] will be the ironing…

As expected, there was more rain today, so my Cunning Plan of not going out seems to have worked. Apparently there was some event involving a lot of boats in London, but I wasn’t really interested, so I didn’t take any notice.

Today’s picture is a genuine[3] old[4] photograph[5] I found[6] showing the tide bashing the north Tyne pier.


[1] Astute readers will be aware that I’m actually writing this tomorrow, and in fact the job is already done, but we do have traditions here, so please go along with the fiction…
[2] Not
[3] It’s genuinely a photograph
[4] More than a week old
[5] Oh, hold on, that doesn’t need a footnote[7]
[6] I found it in the folder where I told Lightroom to export it after Perfect Photo Suite had played with it
[7] Hi Sherry![8]
[8] This is a joke for some of my biggest footnote fans