New smilies! Bigger! Crazier! Better!

Regular unicorns readers might have noticed that I’m quite fond of using the occasional smiley or two.  :wave:

Over the years, I’ve accumulated a little collection which come in handy now and then, such as  :tigger: for when I like something, or  :rofl: when I’m slightly amused, and so on. But you can always use a few more, right?


or maybe

Tossing Laptop

Hmmm, these could be useful. Icons inserted using the Moods Addon for Ultimate TinyMCE plugin by Josh Lobe. There’s a nice selection to chose from, and it wors with or without Ultimate TinyMCE.

I can’t see these big animations replacing my usual inline smilies, but I do have a use in mind for some of them. But you’ll have to wait to see what it is…

11 thoughts on “New smilies! Bigger! Crazier! Better!

  1. Josh Lobe

    Haha… yes they are big. Yes they are in your face. But aren’t they sooo darn cute?!!

    I’ll look into “shrinking” them for a comment form plugin. That’s not a bad idea!

    Happy blogging everyone!!

    1. Les Post author

      Big and “in your face” will work well for my vague plan for making use of them. Can’t have visitors having all the fun, can I? :rofl:

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