New Facebookery

Some tweaking has been done, and a new plugin added. As I mentioned earlier, feeds have been moved. I hope the three people who occasionally read my nonsense have caught on to that…

But the point is that you should now see a shiny new “Like” button at the end of each post, and that these thingies should appear on Farcebook without waiting for “Selective Tweets” to catch up.

Well, now I’ve ticked the right box, future posts should appear on Farcebook.
Pah! Farcebookery didn’t really work – had to jump through a ludicrous “developer” process which totally failed to do anything other than annoy me. Facebook: the idea of a plugin is so users don’t have to do all that rubbish. I’ll look again if a better version comes along. In the meantime, avoid!!
Update: 8 July 2012 Not sure if it’s the plugin having had an update, Facebook catching up with itself, or random wossnameness, but I now have this working in the mode of automagically posting to my Timeline when I publish posts here. I still think the API configuration is excessive for end users – fine for people developing apps, but not for linking WordPress sites.