I love The Oatmeal

Like a lot of people who spend far too much time on the internet, I’m a fan of The Oatmeal. There’s something about his geeky, pedantic and generally funny stuff that appeals to me. I was quite happy to pay actual money for his book, and even happier to buy a signed print of one of my favourite Oatmeal items, and I’ll more than likely buy more of his stuff in the future.

Now most sensible people who wanted to share that nice Mr Oatmeal’s work would post links to his site, but apparently that’s not what some users of a site called FunnyJunk[1] do. They post that nice Mr Oatmeal’s cartoons with the references to Mr Oatmeal’s site removed and with no attribution, which is rude, to say the very least. Mr Oatmeal decided that rather than go to the expense and trouble of setting lawyers on the site, he’d just sigh quietly and mock them a bit.

Well, that would have been fine, but a year after being mocked[2], Funny Junk responded. Not with an apology, or an offer of payment[3], but with a threat of a lawsuit. Apparently they didn’t like the entirely accurate statements that nice Mr Oatmeal made, and their weasel lawyer demanded a payment of $20,000 to prevent legal action.

Mr Oatmeal’s response was to ask his readers for $20,000. Not to pay the lawyers, but for charity. So far, he’s raised over $150,000. I’m happy to have made a small contribution towards that. There’s still time to contribute:

Bear Love Good. Cancer Bad.

[1] I’m not linking to it
[2] Rapid response…
[3] They make money from adverts slapped on other people’s content

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