A small change

It seems I have to apologise to any vistors who’ve been coming here with Internet Explorer 8 (and quite possibly to any unfortunate souls using earlier versions). I’m not sure when this happened, but either WordPress 3.4 or my recent tweaking[1] broke the thingy that makes the pictures pop up to a larger size when you click on them. It still worked in IE9, Chrome, Safari and Firefox, but IE8 didn’t like it at all, and muttered about script errors.

So, I’ve installed a different Lightbox plugin for now. This still works in modern browsers, but IE8 users will just be shown the picture on its own, without the fancy popup effect.

If you’re using IE8, you’d generally be better off using something else – I’ve noticed a lot of sites breaking in various ways, as they’re updated to deal with current versions. My personal preference is for Chrome, but Firefox and Safari are also worth trying. If you’re on a work computer, ask your IT people if you can have Chrome. If they’re anything like my IT Department[2], they’ll be quite happy to let you have it.

But even if they won’t, at least you shouldn’t be troubled by script errors here from now on.

[1] Probably the latter
[2] If it wasn’t for certain web applications our users need, I’d set Chrome as everyone’s default browser and hide the icons for IE for all Windows XP users[3]
[3] Yeah, we still have loads of those. Budgets, you know…