I seem to have missed some rain…

ShowersIt’s been a bit wet here in North Wales, and it was more than a little bit wet in Newcastle and Gateshead of late, but it seems today was something exceptional – massive thunderstorms, flooding in places you wouldn’t believe could flood, Roads closed, Metro not running, and from the reports I’ve seen, more chaos than there’s been in a very long time.

So to all my local readers – hope you’re OK, guys. And err, I hope my house hasn’t washed away. Should be OK, it’s on highish ground, but you never know….

2 thoughts on “I seem to have missed some rain…

  1. alf stone

    Don’t worry, be happy, the rain all ran down the hill and ended up flooding Dunston, Teams and the Team Valley. It had mostly dried up by this morning in our area. Your house will still be there when you get back. If you had been here the worst that could have happened would have been a two hour journey home like I endured from Gateshead centre to the Ninepins (sorry Park View).

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