Google Nexus 7

Up until now, I haven’t really paid much attention to Android devices. Not for any real reason other than the good ones being quite expensive and the affordable ones being a bit rubbish, not to mention the little detail that I’m quite happy with my assorted Apple devices.

But the recently announced Nexus 7, which Google are selling direct, and which comes with a shiny new version of Android, does look quite nice. And the price is quite reasonable – £159 for the 8GB model, £199 for the 16GB, with a small delivery charge of £9.99.

I’m not sure what Google’s game is here – by selling a nifty tablet under their own name, with a new OS version, they’re sure to take sales away from Samsung and the numerous other companies selling Android tablets. I can see some people getting a wee bit upset about that, though possibly not as upset as companies selling Windows -based tablets will be with Microsoft’s Surface thingy…

More about this in due course, or not, as the case may be.

Nexus 7 – The new Android tablet from Google.

2 thoughts on “Google Nexus 7

  1. Sam Judson

    I’m hoping that the Surface tablet is priced to compete with this, but I have a sinking feeling it might not. I do like the touch screen/cover thing though (although not in pink please!)

    1. Les Post author

      My guess is that MS will price it high in the US and stupidly high elsewhere. Seriously unimpressed with their launch – don’t let the press touch it, don’t give release dates, don’t reveal pricing. I’ve worked with their *polite mode on* stuff for far too many years to believe they won’t make a pig’s ear out of this…

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