Joined-up thinking from O’Reilly

Like a lot of people, I’m something of a fan of O’Reilly books. When I was first getting to grips with HTML and CSS back in the twentieth century[1], it was O’Reilly books that were the most useful. When I briefly attempted to work with Perl, before wisely deciding that my brain didn’t need that particular variety of torture, it was O’Reilly books I turned to. I’ve used their books for work purposes, too. I’ve still got my old Exchange 5.5 book written by Paul Robichaux, which actually has my actual name in it[2]. Paul still hasn’t paid me for that, you know.

In more recent years, I’ve taken to buying eBook versions of their publications, on the quite sensible grounds that they’re cheaper, can be downloaded in any format you like (PDF, ePub, Kindle), and you can download updated versions when they become available. All very nice indeed.

But they’ve just made things even better. You can, if you choose, link your O’Reilly account to your Dropbox account. And if you do, any new books you buy from O’Reilly will automagically be saved in your Dropbox, so you can get them from any of your computers or other devices. Nice. And once you’ve linked your accounts, you can have all your existing O’Reilly purchases saved to your Dropbox with one click. There are options for which formats you want to have added to your Dropbox, and you can pick as many as you find useful. Even nicer.

And if for some reason you haven’t got a Dropbox account, feel free to use my nice referral link, which will give both you and me some extra space:

Sign up for Dropbox

[1] Quite late in that century, but it was still a long time ago
[2] It’s a screenshot of an Outlook Web Access Page showing a mailing list I used to play on

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