Locomotion – National Railway Museum Shildon

In a quite shocking development, I’ve got to grips with yesterday’s pictures already. This means I’ve still got a load from Wales to do, of course.

Anyway, in the gallery below you can see a selection from the collection at Locomotion. There’s the experimental and not altogether successful tilting Advanced Passenger Train (APT-E) and its tilting gear. There’s the Deltic prototype with a plaque which gives a hint into how the engine got its name. There are some lovingly restored steam engines, some still in need of a bit of work, a goods shed with lists of some of the goods carried, and a cool sculpture thingy that changes colour if you send it a text message. And, as they say, much more. This just gives a taste of what’s there – it’s well worth a visit, and like the main museum in York, admission is free.

Click the thumbnails to see the big versions.