Hot and cold

Well DoneOr rather cold, then hot.

What am I going on about, you ask? Water, that’s what. After over three years of trouble-free service, my boiler decided that delivering hot water was no longer part of its mission in life, and that instead it would merely pass through cold water, albeit with a nice bit of pressure behind it. I did all the obvious things. Well, I turned it off and on again, but apparently unlike computers, boilers really mean it when they stop working.

Well, this is why we have maintenance contracts, isn’t it? I logged the problem with British Gas this morning, was able to get an a afternoon slot (ok, that’s any time between noon and 6pm, but never mind) for today. I took the executive decision to work from home for the day, and got on with things.

Mr British Gas phoned to let me know he was on his way (they always do that, nice touch), turned up and replaced a pressure switch which had apparently given up on the whole business of switching. This restored normal hotness to my hot water supply, yay.  :bouncy:

While he was here, he also did the annual service check of the heating system, making sure it was all working safely and that all the radiators were working[1]. Good stuff.

It’s the first time I’ve used the contract for anything other than the annual check, so it was nice to see that it all worked as it should.

[1] This involved setting the magic thermostat thingy to a quite high temperature…

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