July 2012 Round-up

After a moderately soggy start, July turned out to be a bit less rainy than June, and there were even some actual warm and sunny days, one of which was kind enough to show up just when I needed it for the airshow.

Anyway, enough of that, and on with the eagerly-awaited monthly report.


July 4[1]: 223 pounds (15 stone 13 pounds, 101.2 kg)
July 31: 225.4 pounds (16 stone 1.4 pounds, 102.2 kg)

Oh dear. That’s a rise of 2.4 pounds (1.1 kg), which isn’t as bad as last month. And there were various things going on. So there


When I haven’t been away somewhere, I’ve generally been behaving moderately well, apart from maybe the odd extra glass[2] of wine. I should probably cut down a bit on those…


Not a lot of walking this month.


I’ve been in the posting mood again, with this one bringing the monthly total to 64, one more than last month.


OK, can I just say that I’ve taken an insane number of photographs this month – a total of over 1,900, which even allowing for the high-speed shutter games at the airshow is a lot. That takes my annual total so far to the highest since I started collecting my images in 2006. And there are still five months to go. Now all I’ve got to do is process more of those photos and get them on show.

Oh, and the image count on the Canon 5D Mark III is over 4,200 in the four months I’ve had it. It took me a year to get to that stage with the Mark II.

[1] First weighing of the month
[2] Or bottle