London – a bit empty, apparently

I’m told there’s some sort of big sport thingy going on in London at the moment. So big in fact that they’re doing bits of it in Newcastle and other cities that, despite not actually being London, are draped in “London 2012” banners, which must be a bit confusing for visitors. I’m expecting to be stopped by a tourist asking for directions to Trafalgar Square any day now. I’ll probably just point them at Grey’s Monument and tell them it’s the lions’ day off if they ask.

Anyway, in preparation for this quite important if you like that sort of thing sports thingy, everyone was told to not travel to London unless it was absolutely necessary. In my office, we suspended our normal monthly-ish IT visits down there. Indeed the general message was pretty much as sung by Roddy Frame when he was still being Aztec Camera:

And it seems everyone took notice of this. Everyone. According to reports, hotels are somewhat empty, it’s possible to walk down Oxford Street at more than a snail’s pace, and it’s all a bit less crowded.

BBC News story

Funny what happens when people do what they’re told, isn’t it?