Doctor Who – The Complete Series 6 Blu-ray

I am a bit late with this one, but I was keeping it back until the new series was close, and as that’s starting very late this year[1], so’s this review.

This six-disk set includes the 2010 Christmas special, A Christmas Carol, and the thirteen timey-wimey episodes from last year. I’ve talked about the episodes already, so I won’t repeat myself by going into details here. But I will say that watching them all in fairly rapid succession makes it all make a bit more sense. Personally, I loved the fact that The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon made little to no sense at all until you’ve seen The Wedding of River Song, and that Mr Moffat played his game of misdirection[2] right up until the end.

Anyway, here the episodes are in very shiny HD, and they’re all just as much fun the second time round. And Rory’s “shut up Hitler” line is still lovely to hear.

But what about the extras? Well, as has been increasingly the case over the last few years, they’re getting a bit thin. Is this some bizarre form of cost cutting? Cost cutting on a show that brings in lots of lovely money to the BBC from foreign sales and merchandising? Yeah, probably. Management, you know…

What we do have is the last batch of cut-down Doctor Who Confidential (and the full-length one for A Christmas Carol), those little Comic Relief sketches, and some small extra scenes which are good fun – some prequels which previously appeared on the internet, and four Night and the Doctor scenes, which give a taste for what the Doctor gets up to when his companions aren’t watching. There are also some Monster Files and commentaries for five episodes. Not a huge amount, really.

Still, it’s nice to have all the episodes together. But it would be nicer if some of the love and care that goes into the classic DVD releases could be lavished on the current ones.

New stuff is coming soon – I haven’t seen an official date yet, but I suspect the August bank holiday weekend will be when it happens…

[1] Apparently part of Mr Moffat’s Cunning Plan
[2] If Rule One is “the Doctor lies”, then Rule Zero is surely “so does Steven Moffat”[3]
[3] Yes, that is in the wrong order. Time travel.

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