The Slow Readers Club

OK, why did nobody tell me about this band before?

I got a notification that they’d started following me on Twitter[1]. Now when I get followed by someone who isn’t an obvious spammer, I like to find out who they are[2], so I went to The Slow Readers Club website, where the first thing on show was this Playmobil video of their most recent single, Feet on Fire:

Now the cute animation thingy might have been mildly diverting, but the music is what kept me there for the whole thing. In their own words:

We are a Manchester based Indie / Electro band our music has drawn comparisons with Interpol, The Killers and Arcade Fire.

Which makes them the kind of thing I like to hear, so I popped over to their YouTube channel, where I caught up with their previous single, Sirens, which is also pretty damn good:

I’m currently giving the album a listen on Spotify, and I’ve already decided to buy it. Good stuff, me like.

[1] If you’ve ignored the link thing at the top of the page, I’m @lesb
[2] Know your stalkers is my motto[3]
[3] Well, it isn’t really, but for the purposes of this post, it is

3 thoughts on “The Slow Readers Club

  1. Rita Marioglou

    :tigger: Can’t have enough of Slow Readers Clubs music. So glad they followed me, otherwise I would never know about them. Everybody should be aware of them, so let us spread word … Hopefully those boys will come to Germany too. LOL

  2. alf stone

    Is this a first, a footnote to a footnote?

    [2] Know your stalkers is my motto[3]

    Or have I not been paying attention?

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