The Oatmeal wants a Tesla museum, and you can help

I’ve mentioned The Oatmeal a few times, and he’s generally what I think of as a Good Thing. Not that long ago, he did one of his signature looooong pieces on Nikola Tesla:


As you might gather from that, Mr Oatmeal is a big fan of Tesla, and it seems he’s learned from his recent legal fundraising fun and games. The site of Tesla’s lab is up for sale, and there’s a plan to acquire it and build a museum there. The organisation concerned needs to raise $850,000, which is quite a lot of money. So Mr Otameal is helping, by asking his readers to contribute:


It’s worth having a read of that, it’s written in the usual Oatmeal style. Or you can go direct to the fundraising page, which shows that so far over $267,000 of the target has been raised, which is pretty good since it was only announced yesterday.

Donate if you can (I’m just about to), or publicise it if you can’t. Better still, do both, like I am.

Update: less than twelve hours later, and the total so far is approaching half of the target.  :clap: The power of The Oatmeal is impressive.

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