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I’ve never quite found the ideal way of displaying my photographs online. I’ve used a variety of self-hosted thingies, starting with galleries generated by software such as ThumbsPlus[1], moved on to using Gallery[2], hosted things on Flickr[3], linked things to this site by various means, and used the native WordPress gallery function[4]. More recently, I’ve been putting a small selection of images on 500px[5]. Somewhere in the middle of that, I had a go at using Lightroom’s web gallery functions, but that ended up being too much effort to keep up – I’d forgotten how faffy playing with real directories and files can be on a website after using WordPress for so long.

So when I saw the excellent and generally helpful Scott Kelby post about moving his portfolio to SmugMug – I Switched My Portfolio Over to SmugMug, I thought I’d better investigate.

I’d heard of SmugMug, but I’d never got around to actually looking at the site. In essence, it’s a photographer’s portfolio site, with the options of selling your images, displaying them in a variety of ways and generally customising the appearance of your personal pages. Layouts that expand to fit the size of the viewer’s screen are standard, which is cool.

Unlike Flickr and 500px, there’s no free service available – prices start at $5 per month (or $40 per year) for a basic package, with a “power” package at $8/$60 and a “pro” at $20/$150. Looking at what’s on offer, I’d certainly want the “power” version, and quite possibly the pro, so it’s not a cheap option. Well, not as cheap as some other options, anyway.

I’ve taken the free 14 day trial (I’d prefer longer to give it a proper play, but that’s what’s on offer…) and assuming I get anywhere with it[6], I’ll report back on what I think.

If you’re interested, you can see my SmugMug page here.

Full details of the service from SmugMug

Update: I’ve actually signed up for the service, and I’m starting to show some pictures there.

[1] Quite a while ago, as that’s yer actual Windows software, which I don’t use at home any more…
[2] It’s good in its way, but I gave up on it when the link between WordPress and Gallery became problematic
[3] Quite useful, but there’s this nagging feeling that Yahoo might break it one day, and it’s not really good for a portfolio
[4] Nice and simple, but given the rambling nature of this site, it’s not so good for people who just want to see the pictures
[5] Great, but as the general standard there is so high, I’m reluctant to use it as a general portfolio site. I do like to put photographs I’m particularly happy with, but not more general work
[6] Regular readers will be familiar with my tuit issues

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