Ever so slightly delayed, mutter

Following last week’s Bristol visit, and that nicely relaxed weekend in Wales, I’d decided to head for home relatively early, getting the 11:30 train from Bristol, which would have got me to Newcastle for abut 4:30. I’d originally thought I might have a couple of hours for touristy things in Bristol, but decided to leave that for a future visit. But quite early this morning, I got an email on my work BlackBerry telling me about problems in Bristol. It appeared that the Bristol office couldn’t see the rest of the network, which is a Bad Thing because their email lives in Newcastle. Worse still, they had no working internet access.

So, after exchanging a few emails, I knew I had to pay them a visit. I was changing trains in Bristol anyway, so it wasn’t a huge problem, other than the little matter of me having booked a day’s holiday, but never mind.

Got to the office, and checked it out. I’ll spare you the technical details, but basically, the two thingies didn’t want to talk to each other, despite a colleague in another office kicking the main one and me kicking the Bristol one. Several times.

I managed to persuade the box to let them have internet access, which also gave them email through Outlook Web Access, but the proper link will have to be fixed by our supplier.

All this meant I ended up catching the later train that I’d originally planned to get, so at least I had no trouble getting my reserved seat. But the train is running late, mutter, so I’ll be getting home much later than I planned. Mutter, mutter, mutter,

(Had to wait before saving while the train went through a tunnel)