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No, that’s not a typo in the title. I’ve previously launched a new photo site, then let it drift because the whole thing was far too much effort, so this is the new new one. It’s so new that I even registered a new domain name for it, despite having loads already.

This is follows on from what I was talking about on Monday about giving SmugMug a try. I had a more detailed play yesterday, and came to the conclusion that I liked what I saw enough to give it a try for a year at the top end $150 “business” level. Why “business”? Because I’m actually going to attempt to sell some images, and SmugMug lets me do that. I can set my own prices for a huge range of print sizes and downloads, which could potentially make back some of the cost.[1] SmugMug and the labs they work with deal with all the actual ordering, printing and delivering, which makes it moderately simple.

Anyway, the new Les Bessant Photography site is now live. There’s only one gallery so far, which has the same content as my photobook, but I’ll start adding more over the next few weeks.

I’ve set it up with a UK-based lab for printing – at the moment it’s not possible to offer more than one lab per gallery, but if any US-based readers would like to buy prints, I can set up a second gallery which will work with a US lab, so you won’t be stung on postage costs.

There’s also the option of downloading images – I have lower cost “personal” licences (print yourself, put on personal web pages, etc) and more expensive “commercial” ones (if you’re using it to make money, basically).

The layout of the site is basic at present – I may do some more customisation later.

After signing up, I learned that SmugMug will be increasing their subscription prices next month by a substantial amount, so I got in at about the right time. I’m prepared to gamble $150 for one year, taking into account that if I like it, I’ll probably stop paying for Flickr and 500px, but I’m not sure I’d have been so inclined at the new level of $300 for new Business subscribers. If you’re at all interested, it’s worth taking that trial now and signing up before the middle of October if you’re going to do it at all.

If you do want to sign up, this link will get you a discount: Sign up for SmugMug, or enter my magic code at the checkout: xMRTCekOokYmI

Les Bessant Photography

[1] If I ever get so far as making a profit, you’ll probably hear me going  :tigger: a lot

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