Daily Archives: Thursday, 6th Sep 2012

Dear Amazon…

Maybe it would be easier if I told my employer to pay most of my salary direct to you rather than bothering to let my bank have a brief sniff at it?

Just a few months after I upgraded my Kindle, Amazon have just announced its replacement. Quite apart from their more general purpose Kindle Fire tablet becoming not only a range of devices, but available in the UK, there’s a new species of Kindle that I’m probably going to have to get. By the power of technology and all that sort of thing, the new Kindle Paperwhite manages to improve on the existing eInk display by having greatly improved contrast. The background is now much whiter, making the text stand out much more clearly, and allowing a wider choice of font sizes. Now that would be nice enough on its own. But there’s more. The already quite nifty battery life is now claimed to be eight weeks. Not enough? Well, how about a nicely controllable built in light that evenly illuminates the display so you can read in the bloody dark? Well, that’s enough for me. UK availability and prices for the new model have not yet been announced, but I already know I’m having one. A slightly used Kindle Touch will be available at a bargain price to a good home…

There’s a demo video of the new toy in this Engadget report.

WordPress 3.4.2 is out now

Warning: A bug involving Custom Fields has crept into 3.4.2. If you add or update Custom Fields in your posts, you may have problems. See this Trac ticket for the technical details, and if you haven’t updated, consider holding off until a patch appears, probably very soon.

There’s another maintenance release of WordPress available, which squashes some bugs and fixes some security issues. All users are advised to upgrade sooner rather than later. The automagic thingy did its job in a few seconds on this site. Full details and links from the official source:

WordPress 3.4.2

The Great Walls of Newcastle

I spotted this book a while ago, and finally got round to buying it earlier this week. It’s a small, but very well presented guide to the walls that used to surround Newcastle upon Tyne. There’s plenty of history – from the building of the walls, how they changed over time, and how they came to be largely dismantled. There are loads of pictures – from paintings and engravings through to early photographs from a time when more of the walls remained than now. And there’s an excellent guide to all the remaining parts of the walls. This led me to realise that I’d missed a few bits, so I’ll be using this book as a guide for a few walks with a camera.

Also included are some maps – one giving the route of a walking tour which will take the reader to all the remaining sections of wall, and once nicely historical one showing the walls in their more complete form.

It’s published by Newcastle City Libraries and most of the illustrations come from their extensive archives. Well worth getting if you live in the area and have even a slight interest in its history. Good stuff.

Weight and Stuff Report – 6 September 2012

Up another one of those teeny bits today, but I’m sure that’s just a temporary wossname. I walked to work again:

Walked to work

Walked to work

but I didn’t have the chance to go further than grabbing a sarnie at lunchtime. Never mind, etc.

Today’s picture is something that’s just about unique in Newcastle city centre. Thirty or more years ago, a lot more buildings looked like this – coated in the grime and soot of decades of pollution, but after much cleaning, most of our fine 19th century buildings are nicely clean and shiny. Well, as shiny as that kind of stone gets, which isn’t very, but you get the idea. Anyway, for some reason, this building, on the corner of Neville Street and Pink Lane, seems to have been forgotten. Perhaps it should stay that way as a reminder of how grim British cities used to look…



Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Aperture: ƒ/8
Shutter speed: 1/250s
Focal length: 28mm
ISO: 100
Taken: 3 September, 2012
Location: 54° 58.1439′ 0″ N 1° 37.0579′ 0″ W