The Great Walls of Newcastle

I spotted this book a while ago, and finally got round to buying it earlier this week. It’s a small, but very well presented guide to the walls that used to surround Newcastle upon Tyne. There’s plenty of history – from the building of the walls, how they changed over time, and how they came to be largely dismantled. There are loads of pictures – from paintings and engravings through to early photographs from a time when more of the walls remained than now. And there’s an excellent guide to all the remaining parts of the walls. This led me to realise that I’d missed a few bits, so I’ll be using this book as a guide for a few walks with a camera.

Also included are some maps – one giving the route of a walking tour which will take the reader to all the remaining sections of wall, and once nicely historical one showing the walls in their more complete form.

It’s published by Newcastle City Libraries and most of the illustrations come from their extensive archives. Well worth getting if you live in the area and have even a slight interest in its history. Good stuff.