Doctor Who – The Android Invasion

It’s time for another classic Doctor Who DVD! This was the other story included with Invasion of the Dinosaurs in the UNIT Files box set. First shown in November and December 1975,  it stars Tom Baker as the Doctor and Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith. It’s notable for being the last appearance of UNIT for quite a long time…

The TARDIS lands in a nicely quiet English village, where it turns out that things are, in a shockingly unexpected development, not quite as they seem. Not only are the people android replicas, but the village itself is a fake. Some suitably nasty aliens are planning to invade Earth, wipe out the population, and all the usual kind of thing.

There is some fun with the android versions of old friends Harry Sullivan and Corporal Sergeant RSM Benton, but it’s a bit of a let down that the last appearances of both were so low-key, with no real goodbye for either. It’s something of a relief that Nicholas Courtney wasn’t available for the Brigadier to be treated in a similar manner, really.  Overall, not one of the best stories of the period, and not one that stuck in my mind in the way its immediate predecessor Pyramids of Mars[1] did.

This is another release that’s light on the extras, but I did enjoy Life After Who – Philip Hinchcliffe, in which the producer talks to his daughter about his long career in TV. There’s also the usual “making of” documentary and bits and bobs.

[1] Hmmm. I used to be a lot more brief with my DVD comments, didn’t I?