That’ll be ghost of Tense Future?

Christmas must be coming, or something. I’m reminded of a short parody of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol which I saw once about thirty years ago[1]. That began with the suggestion that Scrooge wasn’t all that bothered about Marley being dead because he’d never really been into Reggae. That’s the only bit I remember, which is probably just as well. Anyway, here’s another ghostly intervention, courtesy of xkcd:


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[1] It was in the Newcastle University weekly student newspaper, which if memory serves[2] was called the Courier at the time[3]
[2] It often does for irrelevant details from a few decades ago. Ask it about last Tuesday, or that thing[4] I was supposed to do yesterday, and it’s a different story, of course.
[3] And for all I know, it still is, if such things still exist. Shouldn’t they be all online, or something?
[4] Whatever it was