Doctor Who – Death to the Daleks

This brings me to the end of the pile of Doctor Who DVDs that I’ve watched, but don’t worry, there’s another, growing pile of ones I haven’t watched yet, so there’s more to come.

This one was first shown in February and March 1974, and stars Jon Pertwee as the Doctor and Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith. The action takes place on the planet Exxilon, where a Mysterious Force drains electrical energy from ships unfortunate enough to land there. This is a bit of a problem for the crew of the Marine Space Corps ship, who are trying to collect some parrinium[1], which is the only cure for the Space Plague, and which apparently can only be found on this one planet. It’s also a bit of a problem for some Daleks who have also landed on the planet. Oddly enough, the power drain doesn’t stop them moving about and shouting at everyone, but does turn their normally deadly weapons into something more akin to the eggwhisks they allegedly resemble.

There’s an ancient city on a hill, native people who don’t take kindly to invaders, and lots of the usual fun and games. Perhaps not one of the strongest Dalek stories, but still enjoyable.

Extras are a bit thin on this one, but in addition to the usual expected stuff, we have:

  • Beneath the City of the Exxilons – the usual format of cast and crew members talking about the making of the story
  • Doctor Who Stories – Dalek Men – yet another bit of interview material shot for the 2003 Story of Doctor Who. This one involves Dalek operators John Scott Martin and Nicholas Evans
  • On the set of Doctor Who and the Daleks – some unused film from an ITV show on the making of the 1965 movie is used as the basis for some chat about the alternative version of Doctor Who starring Peter Cushing.
  • Studio recording – a rare glimpse (it says here) into the production of the story.
So, not a spectacular release, but worth a look.

[1] Don’t you love these made up mineral names?