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Regular readers and other mythical creatures will be aware that I’m a long-time fan of Ian McNabb. I make a point of buying everything he releases the moment it’s available, and I keep an eye on his updates on Twitter and Farcebook. And of course, having bought his last CD direct from his site, I’m signed up for news updates. This meant that I got an interesting email this morning. Ian is planning to record a new album with a full band, and rather than deal with the miserable business of getting funding from a record company, he’s trying a bit of crowdfunding, using a site I hadn’t previously come across: PledgeMusic. It’s pretty much the same kind of deal as Kickstarter: you offer to pay an amount of money, which the artist uses to fund their project. In return, you get stuff, at various levels according to how much you donate.

Ian’s offering a good range of rewards, starting with a download of the album for £8, up to a signed guitar for £500 (which has already been snapped up). I opted for the £20 level, which will get me the CD and a bonus disc of demos, which I was more than happy to pledge.

Full details: Ian McNabb: New Full Band Album

And on the first day, he’s already at 48% of his target.  :bouncy:

Update, 27 October: And the target has been reached. Woo, and indeed hoo.

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