Walkers Sensations Mexican Smoked Chilli Coated Peanuts

I’m not entirely sure these things should be legal. Basic roasted peanuts, whether salted or dry roasted, are addictive enough, but these are seriously dangerous. As my Dad used to say, “they get in your mouth”, and if you’re not careful you’ll get through the whole bag in no time at all.

What we have here are roasted peanuts in crispy shells (some mixture of wheat, rice and who knows what), coated in a nicely spicy mixture of chilli, garlic, ginger and other stuff. Spicy enough to be interesting, at least for my taste.

Available in supermarkets, often on multi-buy special deals which makes them irresistible. I’d ignore the price from Amazon that you might see if you click the picture – your average supermarket is likely to be cheaper without needing to buy eight bags at a time. Because you don’t want to do that, you’ll only end up eating them in a couple of days…

And errr, no, I’m not planning on doing a series of salty snack reviews. I just thought I’d mention these because they’re great.[1]

[1] No, it’s not a sponsored review either. But if Walkers want to give me loads of packs for increasing their sales, I won’t complain :cheesy: