The Doctor Who Experience, Cardiff Bay

As I mentioned earlier, my brother and I visited the Doctor Who Experience today. This is an major, permanent attraction in Cardiff Bay, developed from an earlier version which was in London or some such place for a while. You can book in advance, but we took a chance and just turned up, which was fine – we only had to wait for about 15 minutes to get in. They allow about 46[1] people at a time so that everyone can see everything without crowding.

And what do you see? Well, I’ll avoid some details to avoid spoliers – there’s a story to enjoy with video inserts recorded specially for the event by Matt Smith, who’s on perfect form, and seeming to be having a lot of fun in the process. Without revealing anything about the story, I can tell you that along the way you’ll meet an assortment of enemies, play with the TARDIS and generally have a load of fun. The Doctor has got himself into a bit of trouble and needs some help. He intended to summon Amy, but as he notices that the visitors aren’t Amy, or even Rory, but a bunch of people out shopping[2], he decides to make the best of it…

And so you’re led through lots of corridors, in the finest Doctor Who tradition, before the story comes to a proper conclusion. This interactive part of the experience is enormous fun, and you really need to go there and enjoy it right now. Well, not right now, because it’s early evening and it’s probably shut, but you should definitely go.

After the exciting bit, you’re led into the exhibition, which contains enough costumes, props, creatures and stuff from all periods of the show to make any fan grin like a loon for ages afterward. And while photography isn’t allowed in the interactive bit, it’s actively encouraged in the exhibition, which is a Good Thing. And here are some pictures I took, plus a couple that my brother helped out with[3].

[1] Yes, that is an oddly precise approximate number, but never mind…
[2] The Doctor makes “shopping” sound like the lowest, most boring thing imaginable. Which I suppose it is if you’re him
[3] I’ll leave it to you to guess which ones

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