A few new thingies…

Mouth WateringI’ve just updated to the latest version of the increasingly useful Jetpack plugin, which adds features from the hosted wordpress.com service to self-hosted WordPress sites like this one.

There are a number of new toys in the new one, which I’m finding useful. Finally, I have a simple way of publicising my new posts on Twitter and Facebook without fiddling around or jumping through hoops. This uses the wp.me short URL service that’s provided by Automattic and which seems to redirect a lot faster than some of the others, and presents the posts on Facebook as a shared link which includes an image. This looks quite nice, really:



The next new feature should speed things up – basically, images posted here will now be served up by Automattic’s content delivery network (CDN) rather than direct. This should make posts with lots of pictures load a lot faster. Probably. We’ll have to see.

[1] None of the other Facebook plugins I tried worked reliably. Twitter was easier, but still not ideal.