Terry Pratchett – A Blink of the Screen: Collected Short Fiction

Terry Pratchett is of course best known for the extensive Discworld series, and other novels. But somehow, between all the books, he has managed to write some shorter pieces. Some of these were written for anthologies, some for various publications, making many of them hard or impossible to track down.

Well, here they are. The first half of the book consists of non-Discworld stories, including some from very early in Terry’s career (the first having been published when he was 13). These are a bit of a mixed bag – some clearly better than others, and a couple which were later recycled into more developed works (there’s a Gnome story that’s an early version of the Bromeliad trilogy, and what amounts to a first draft of the Long Earth). There’s lots of Terry’s trademark humour to enjoy, and a deal with the Devil that works out quite nicely…

But it’s the second half that most readers will be interested in. This contains a nice selection of Discworld Stories, including some of the popular characters – Granny Weatherwax makes a very welcome appearance, Cohen the Barbarian meets some Trolls, and there is much more besides.

Each piece has a short introduction from Terry, and well, you’re going to read it anyway, aren’t you?

If you haven’t read it already, get on with it!