Daily Archives: Wednesday, 5th Dec 2012

Weight and Stuff Report – 5 December 2012

Hmmm. Back up today. I had planned on having another walk at lunchtime, but this was cut short by a large delivery of snow. Yes, winter appears to be upon us again, with several bouts of snow through the day. In Newcastle, this partly melted then froze, creating nasty conditions underfoot, and as is traditional, traffic delays. The bus queue was so long, I went to Eldon Square for a quick bit of shopping rather than hang around. When I got back, there was a smaller queue, and a couple of buses soon arrived, and took a veeerrrryyyy looooonnng tiiiime to get across the Tyne. Fun.

Here’s a tranquil seaside scene for you



Camera: FinePix X100
Aperture: ƒ/11
Shutter speed: 1/550s
Focal length: 23mm
ISO: 400
Taken: 2 December, 2012