Now that’s what I call quite fast

Well DoneQuite some time ago, I upgraded to Virgin Media’s 50Mb internet service. Not so much because I need blindingly fast downloads – it’s more the relatively faster upload speed that comes as part of the deal. Faster uploads mean my backups to Crashplan work properly, and uploading photos to my  various web thingies doesn’t take too long.

Anyway, a while ago, Virgin announced that they’d been doubling my speed. And recent test showed I was getting something like 80Mb/s, which is pretty damn fast, especially if you remember dial-up connections.

Since then, I’ve replaced my router, and I’ve now got a Virgin Superhub thingy instead of the old cable modem[1]. I was quite impressed with the activation process for that. Last time I got a new modem, I had to speak to an actual person. This time it was all done automagically – call the free number, press 1 to confirm you’re calling from the number associated with the account in question, press 1 to confirm you’ve plugged everything in. A few minutes later, it was working. Nice.

And once I’d put it in modem mode, it was time for another test:

Speed test

Fast or what?

Woo, hoo, etc. Apparently it’ll be going up to 120Mb/s before long, with the potential for more in the future.

And I know some Virgin customers don’t do as well as that – it seems to vary widely across the country. As far as I can see, the Gateshead bit of their network is pretty damn reliable.

[1] I’ve followed the advice of most technical people who have the Superhub thingy and put it into modem mode, rather than using its router and wireless functions

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