Weight and Stuff Report – 15 December 2012

Up a wee bit today, ho hum, never mind etc.

After the usual shopping trip, as it was quite a nice day (dry, not really cold, some nice bits of blue in the sky), I decided to have an afternoon out. So I took the Metro to Tynemouth. After a wander around the market in the Metro Station, where I decided against beginning a collection of vintage cameras, and decided it was better to not ask the price of the cool Tigger teapot I saw, I walked down to the seafront and then had a nice walk to Whitley Bay.

The weather kept up, and the tide was putting on an impressive show:

Gone Fishing...

Gone Fishing…

Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Aperture: ƒ/8
Shutter speed: 1/40s
Focal length: 40mm
ISO: 2500
Taken: 15 December, 2012
Location: 55° 2.6901′ 0″ N 1° 26.4731′ 0″ W

Yes, there are indeed crazy people fishing there.

The Fitbit thingy estimated today’s walking at a whisker under 6.5 miles, which isn’t bad at all…