A Billion Jokes (Volume 1) – Peter Serafinowicz

I think it’s important to emphasise that this is volume one, and therefore doesn’t contain the whole billion jokes that a casual glance at the title might lead you to think. There again, if you’re the kind of person who needs me to emphasise that, you’re probably not the target market for this book anyway, so you’d probably be better off looking at some of my pictures rather than continuing to read this post.

Still here? Then I’ll carry on. What this book does contain is a load of mostly one-liners, which are not too far away from the kind of thing you might encounter if you follow Peter Serafinovicz’s Twitter feed. Many are accompanied by what look like authentic 19th century engravings, but may well not be.

It’s probably in order to quote a few examples to give you the general idea:

I hope numbers never disappear. Think of the aftermath.

Or perhaps you’d prefer

Lif is too short.

No? How about

DINNER PARTY ERROR: The host could not be found. Also, there was no response from the server.

That should be enough[1] to give you the general idea. I enjoyed it, anyway.

[1] Waits for shouts of “more than enough” from the Loch Ness Monster and herd of unicorns regular readers.