Doctor Who – The Snowmen – First Impressions

OK, this is the spoiler-free version. A more detailed post will follow when I’ve watched it again with extreme use of the pause button.

So, all good fun. Lots of running around, more Victorian atmosphere than a tank full of London air circa 1895, loads of gags and an unexpected return.

But the expected return of Jenna-Louise Coleman as Clara was the high point. Steven Moffat had dropped a few hints relating to Jenna’s appearance as Oswin Oswald, the soufflé-obsessed, err, well, Dalek[1], actually, in Asylum of the Daleks, and how obviously she couldn’t possibly be the same character, right? And err, that’s all I’m going to say about that, other than we still have a lot to learn about Clara.

More about this will follow…

[1] Eggs, stir, minute….