The Unexpected Bowie

Well, that was a nice thing to wake up to. After ten years, and on his 66th birthday,David Bowie has released a new single with an album to follow. and it has to be said, it’s rather more than ten years since he produced something I actually wanted to listen to more than once, so this morning’s news was an extremely pleasant surprise. New material from one of the all time greats and it’s actually rather good. It sounds like you’d actually expect David Bowie to sound.

What’s even cooler is the total lack of pre-publicity. Normally, when a major artist is planning a comeback, there’s oodles of advertising, promotion, interviews, and other such nonsense – and that’s even before the track is played on the radio, much less available to buy. Instead of all that, David just released it today.

There’s a video, which may disappear if someone complains:

If it has wandered off, please check out the official site.

Woo, hoo, etc

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