How I log things – 2013 version

Regular readers will have noticed I’m giving a lot more gory details of my activity these days. I thought it might be interesting to describe how I keep track of things now.

Weight – the Withings scale automagically uploads to my account there. I still log one daily figure in my spreadsheet, but I’m beginning to think of the Withings chart as the definitive record.

Steps – I’m generally remembering to attach the Fitbit to my belt. This talks to the iPhone app, which automagically uploads to the website.

Walking – I prefer to use the Garmin app, as it’s much better for including information in posts. There is a way of doing this from Runkeeper, but it’s pretty messy…

The clever bit is fitting most of it together. The Withings account can talk to and from Runkeeper, so my Withings iPhone app can show activity and weight in one place, which is handy. And I’ve set the Garmin account to automatically update Runkeeper with each walk.

Oh, and the Fitbit account gets the weight updates from Withings, so that’s another place I can see multiple sources of information.

Having set all this up, it means I don’t have to go to any great effort to have all the information safely logged. So long as I remember to clip on the Fitbit and to step on the scale, the basics happen automatically.