Weight and Stuff Report – 31 January 2013

What’s this? Down again today? How shocking!

Having been working every day since last Monday, fatigue was definitely getting the better of me today, which involved another late finish due to having to move more furniture and computers around. Still, day off tomorrow. :bouncy: [1]

Today’s picture is of the Siren sculpture which faces the Gateshead Millennium Bridge



Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Aperture: ƒ/4
Shutter speed: 1/400s
Focal length: 96mm
ISO: 100
Taken: 1 January, 2013
Location: 54° 58.2352′ 0″ N 1° 36.0815′ 0″ W

[1] Or whenever that was relative to when you’re reading this.