Oh bother. Finally a reason to go for 3D TV

Now it’s not that I’m a luddite, but there are some technological developments that need a bit of time before they really interest me. For instance, I didn’t get an HD TV until 2009, when there were actually a few channels worth watching. And I didn’t upgrade from DVD to Blu-Ray until quite recently. So I haven’t really been taking much notice of 3D TV. For a start, there’s not that much content that I’d actually want to watch, then there’s those annoying glasses that I’d have to fit over my nice varifocals[1], which might be awkward. I was really intending to sit out the current generation of 3D and wait for the technology to settle down a bit and get a bit cheaper[2].

But then, this news comes along. Doctor who doing a 3D special. Aaaaaaaaargh. I think Mr Steven Moffat Sir has entered into an Evil Conspiracy with Samsung[3] to make me buy new toys before November.

BBC News – BBC announces Doctor Who 3D special.

[1] Yeah. I’m old, OK?
[2] My current HDTV is very nice, and just about big enough to make Star Trek: The Next Generation look nice on Blu-Ray. I don’t want to upgrade it yet, as it’s doing well
[3] Other TV manufacturers are available, but who cares?