CrashPlan – even smarter than I expected

I’ve been using CrashPlan to back up what I must now refer to as “the old computer” for a couple of years now, and it’s been working nicely. But what happens to an online backup service when you get a new computer? Does it need to start all over again? Does it get horribly confused? Does it break? Well, no. None of those things. If you install CrashPlan on a new computer, one of the most prominent options that it offers is to “adopt” the machine. You simply tell it that the new computer is a replacement for the old one. It then automagically stops backing up the old one and starts backing up the new one. Now that would be neat enough, but it does its clever file matching thing and doesn’t back up files that are already backed up, saving oodles of time[1] and sanity. Nice.

As it happens, my subscription was due for renewal in a couple of months, so I took the opportunity to pay not all that much really to upgrade to the “family” service, which covers up to ten machines with that lovely unlimited data offer. So I’m now backing up the MacBook Air, and I’ll add the Mac Mini that’s gradually taking on more server roles.