Weight and Stuff Report – 25 February 2013

OK, that’s a very odd drop of over three pounds today. I suspect random wossnameness.

Getting that new computer[1] inspired me to rearrange the desk a bit. I got a basic monitor stand, which is serving two purposes: lifting my second screen to a similar level to the iMac, and providing a tidy place to tuck the Mac Mini and its external hard drive. This in turn allowed me to move the iMac’s external backup drive and so create a load of space. This picture is a bit rubbish, as I used my work phone to take it. I did that because I wanted all my actual cameras[2] in the shot.



Camera: BlackBerry 9780
Location: 54° 56′ 25.14″ N 1° 37′ 12.72″ W

[1] Review thingy coming soonish
[2] Including the iPhone and the iPad Mini