February 2013 Round-up

As the shortest month of the year drifts off into obscurity, it’s once again time for the exciting monthly wossname


February 1: 220.7 pounds (15 stone 10.7 pounds, 100.1 kg)
February 28: 219.6 pounds (15 stone 9.6 pounds, 99.6 kg)

That’s a drop of just over a pound, or about half a kilogram, which is much the same as last month.  At least it’s consistent…


This has been variable, with the odd pasty-type thingy sneaking in some lunchtimes.


There was a distinct lack of walking to or from work this month, but I did get a moderate bit of exercise during my Bristol/Wales trip. Should do more of that, really.


Another quiet month on the posting front, with this report bringing the total to a remarkably sane 40.


Did I mention I got a new computer:bouncy: