Doctor Who – new series news

Well, here we are in March, which this year exists only as a waiting period for the return of Doctor Who on its penultimate day.[1] But as the return gets closer, information is beginning to be slowly released.

We already knew there would be Cybermen and (insert suitable fan SQUEEEEEEEE noises here) Ice Warriors, of course. But now we have one whole episode title! And a very tantalising hint from Steven Moffat[2]

And in the finale, the Doctor’s greatest secret will at last be revealed!

Hmmm. Some sort of resolution to the Doctor Who? thing that’s been going on lately? A revelation that his middle name is Colin?[3] Something else altogether that we haven’t thought of?[4]

Anyway, there will be eight episodes starting on the Easter weekend, and no doubt building to a mad climax. Will we find out more about Clara? Will Clara do a Rory-style death of the week? Will she keep calling the Doctor “Clever Boy” and telling him to run? Only time will tell. Avoid spoilers, and ignore the rumours, especially the fake ones created by Mr Moffat.[5]

After that, it’ll be another wait until November, when it seems we’ll be getting some kind of 50th anniversary special episode. But let’s not start speculating about that yet.

BBC – Blogs – Doctor Who – Doctor Who to Return with ‘The Bells of St John’ – First Official Picture!

[1] That’s Saturday 30 March
[2] Note: Mr Moffat’s hints are often misleading in the extreme. He’s good at that.
[3] Oh no, that’s me. So probably not that
[4] Seems likely
[5] Well, that’s my theory…