So it’s come to this: time for a comment policy

In the quite shocking nine years that this site has been running, I’ve always left all posts open for comments. Most posts get no comments at all, a few get one or two comments[1], and one or two get picked up by Google and get loads[2]. And a small number keep getting comments long afterwards.

But there’s a problem. Spam.

Err, well, no, not that kind, the annoying robot-generated rubbish full of links to rubbish. Now Akismet does a very good job of stopping this, and rarely misses one[3], this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. But the sheer volume of the stuff is getting ridiculous. Akismet keeps comments it considers spammy for just a few weeks, and at this moment I have 7,690 of the things. This makes my database bigger, which makes my backup email bigger and bigger all the time.

So, it’s time for some action. I’ve told Akismet to delete spam on posts that are more than a month old, and I’m closing comments on posts more than a year old. I’ll see what that does to the volume, and adjust if necessary…

[1] Mostly from people who know me
[2] By the standards of a low-traffic blog
[3] And as you have to have had one comment approved by a reasonable facsimile of a human[4] before your comments will appear automagically, none actually get posted[5]
[4] Me
[5] Unlike the early days, when my original Movable Type blog, like many others, was hammered with spam…

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