Google remembers Douglas Adams

OK, I have to say that this is the best Google Doodle ever. In honour of what, in a properly run universe, would have been the 61st birthday of Douglas Adams, they’ve created this:

Life, the universe and everything

Life, the universe and everything

You need to head to Google while it’s there and have a play. Clicking on the keypad of the Guide will make animations appear on its screen. Various other bits move and make noises, and clicking on the doors will reveal an old friend. Lovely.

If you’re reading this in the future, you should can find it here in Google’s Doodle archive. If you’re reading this in the past, please leave next week’s lottery numbers in a comment.

10 thoughts on “Google remembers Douglas Adams

  1. andy b

    Yes, excellent to see Mr Adams honoured in this way. I wonder what he’d have made of the way the internet has carried on doing amazing stuff… he’d probably have missed more and more deadlines :o)

    Have you booked tickets to the live show yet Les? (It’s well worth it!)

  2. jasper johns

    Douglas is terribly missed. His brand of humour was unique. But it does live on in others like Neil Gaiman, and in comic novels like THE MYOSHI EFFECT. Happy Bday DNA.

  3. alf stone

    Just very occasionally [1] our tastes coincide and this is such an event, Douglas Adams is/was my hero. I remember hearing HHGTTG when it was first broadcast on Radio 4 and I was hooked. I taped them all but sadly the tapes disintegrated with time but I now have them in digital format and listen to them occasionally [2]. I have also read every thing he has published even the fourth of his trilogy [3].

    [1] I must stop saying occasionally
    [2] Ditto
    [3] This is getting silly

          1. Sam Judson

            Damn, you beat me to it! I actually tweeted the artist, so got it from the horses mouth (she says she took a little bit of liberty with the colour, as its meant to be black, so it fits with the Google logo colours).

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