Looks like I’ll be doing a bit more walking

Update: the action has been suspended following an improved pay offer, which is to be voted on.

Drivers working for my local bus company have voted for three “days of action[1]” over the next couple of weeks. The bus company’s Facebook page suggests that a significant number of drivers did not participate in the vote, which by their reckoning means that a majority opposed the action. Personally, I think if you don’t vote when you’re asked a question, you’ve agreed to ago along with the majority of those who did vote.

I’ll be mildly inconvenienced by this. And mildly disappointed. In the good old days people had proper bloody strikes and stayed out for a month or more.

BBC News – Go North East bus drivers vote for strike action.

[1] People more cynical than me[2] would call them days of inaction, as they involve not going to work. I’d point out that this also means not getting paid, which does suggest a reasonable degree of commitment.
[2] Apparently such creatures do exist

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