Newcastle Central Station is being fiddled with again

Oh, fun. Apparently Newcastle Central Station is going to have some kind of glazed area constructed in the portico. At the moment, this is where taxis pull in to pick up passengers getting off trains, smokers who either haven’t seen or have chosen to ignore the “don’t do that” signs lurk, and err, well, that’s about it. So turning it into a traffic-free enclosure seems reasonably sensible.

Taxis are apparently being shoved somewhere else[1], which I hope will be under cover…

Apparently there will be more shops to keep everyone occupied while waiting for delayed trains and a “simplified” layout. What fun. Or not. We shall see…

BBC News – Upgrade for historic Newcastle Central Station.

[1] This may tie in with the odd road rearrangement currently going on in Neville Street, the main effect of which so far has been to re-route some buses.

6 thoughts on “Newcastle Central Station is being fiddled with again

    1. Les Post author

      I may have been undercaffeinated[3] when I posted that this morning. Oddly enough, it was seeing it on Facebook that alerted me to the alleged error, which I obviously deny. :espresso:

      [3] This may not be a proper word

    2. Les Post author

      Actually, come to think of it, and all that, “fiddles” is a real word. Possibly not one that belonged where it allegedly appeared[4], but still a proper word. :yes:


      [4] I deny having a typo in the title of this post, of course
      [5] Damn, it’s the meerkat again

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