Doctor Who – Prequel out now

With just one week to go to the opening of part two of series seven (or series 34 or whatever we’re up to now), the BBC have released one of those little teasers that give a hint of what’s to come. Not a trailer, not a clip from the episode, but a little scene that precedes it. Having met and lost Clara twice[1], the Doctor has been trying to find her again, but so far without success…

OK, the twist at the end was ever so slightly predictable[2], but you have to cherish this for the lovely lines:

Girl: My mum says I shouldn’t talk to strange men

The Doctor: Ah, your mum’s right

Girl: Are you strange?

The Doctor: (Laughs) Oh dear, I’m way past strange. I think I’m probably incredible

Nice. Much more to come, as the trailer hints:

Hmmm, now what’s scaring the Doctor? And was that our favourite Sontaran in there? The fun starts next Saturday.

[1] I hope she’s not going to make a habit of dying every time the Doctor meets her
[2] Well, I predicted it, anyway