March 2013 Round-up

Well, that’s a quarter of the year out of the way, and there’s still little sign of Spring. It’s been cold. But hey, it’s been mostly dry, and the snow that’s affected some parts of the country hasn’t troubled me much. But some slightly warmer weather would be nice.

Anyway, on with the monthly report thingy.


March 1: 219.4 pounds (15 stone 9.4 pounds, 99.5 kg)
March 31: 222.4 pounds (15 stone 12.4 pounds, 100.9 kg)

Err, ooops. That’s a not inconsiderable rise of 3 pounds (1.4kg). I did end the month on an unusually high weight, but it’s been generally drifting upwards for most of March. Must do better. Or something. Maybe if Spring shows up, I might be motivated to walk a bit more.


Much the same as last month. I really need to stop adding the sausage, bean and whatever else is in it melt thingy to my lunch. Or stop going to Greggs, where I get tempted. Hmmm.


I managed three moderately long weekend walks, which is above average, but still not enough. Must do more.


I seem to be getting back into this. The total for March is 54, including this report, which is the most I’ve done this year.


Ummmmmm. Some camera-related news may appear soon. Can’t say anything else about that, as it’s a secret. Shhhh!