We have been upgraded

Well, the server running Losing it and Tiggercam has been, anyway. Those nice Linode people have been upgrading all their kit, and giving all customers free upgrades.

Being sensible people, they’ve been phasing in the upgrades – get one thing working, then the next, and so on. First, they upgraded the network infrastructure. The result of that was that everyone got a massive increase in allowed bandwidth. For instance, on my plan, my data allowance went from a moderately large 400GB to a quite impressive 4000GB. Both are hugely more than my sites need, but it’s nice to know it’s available.

The next bit was upgrading to servers with more and faster processors. All I had to do was reboot my virtual server and it came back as a much faster beast – I noticed faster page loading times immediately, as did at least one of my regular visitors. Nice.

Then this morning came the last step – a very useful doubling of RAM in all servers. With all these upgrades, I could probably downgrade to a cheaper plan. Not sure about that yet.

Anyway, Linode are continuing to keep me happy. Their service isn’t for everyone – you need to be willing and able to manage your own server, keep it updated to avoid borkage, and generally look after it. But there’s loads of information on how to do this kind of thing on their site, so you can learn as you go.