Doctor Who – Dragonfire

This three-part story was first shown in November/December 1987, and stars Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor, Bonnie Langford as Mel, and Sophie Aldred making her first appearance as Ace. It’s available in the Ace Aventures box set, together with The Happiness Patrol, which I’ll post about in due course[1].

The fun takes place on Iceworld, where Something is Wrong. It’s ruled by the quite nasty Kane, a cold-blooded (and indeed cold everything elsed[2]) character who wants to get control over the Dragonfire. The Doctor and Mel run into the dodgy dealer Sabalom Glitz, last seen in Trial of a Time Lord, who’s in slight financial difficulty. Glitz is presented as a loveable rouge, despite having started his time on Iceworld by selling his crew into slavery. They also encounter Ace, a teenage waitress who claims to have arrived on Iceworld after being caught up in a time-storm in her bedroom, which is apparently the sort of thing that happens all the time in Perivale.

Fun follows in the caverns of Iceworld, including what must have to be the silliest and most pointless and quite literal cliffhanger ever seen. The dragon turns out to be something interesting, and its fire even more so. Mel, for reasons of, err, reasons, decides to leave with Glitz, and Ace joins the Doctor in the TARDIS.

Special features include:

  • Fire and Ice Cast and crew look back at making the story
  • The Doctor’s Strange Love A fun chat between Josie Long, Joe Lidster and Simon Guerrier about Dragonfire.
  • The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper is not involved in this, but Danny Hargreaves, special effects supervisor on the current Doctor Who, is. Danny looks at some classic explosions and talks about how the effect would be done these days. Fun, if only for the bangs.

[1] Defined as “some time after I’ve got round to watching it”

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